The Van Neste Foundation will only make grants to UK registered Charities and UK registered Community Interest Companies (CICs). The foundation will not make any grants to any organisation that is not registered in the UK.

The Trustees of The Van Neste Foundation believe that social and environmental issues are interlinked and whilst we do not see ourselves as an environmental charity we do think that humans face an unprecedented environmental crisis which is bringing with it social pressures on a scale that we have not seen before.

We want to make the most effective use of our limited resources . We will therefore be focusing our grants on those areas where we can think we can make a difference. We will not be supporting national appeals and are unlikely to give to large NGOs.

We want to encourage innovation, self help and all those who take it upon themselves to tackle social injustices that so many face today.

We will be assessing appeals on how effective they are in reaching one or both the areas outlined below.

Social Change

We want to encourage organisations that seek to change society in a positive way. We want to support community organisations trying include those who have become marginalised, either as a group or as individuals. We want to give to those who want to promote a sense of place and environmental improvement whether that be urban or rural.
Finally we want to back those whose work encourages the systemic change necessary to alleviate poverty and make us a more just and less unequal society.

Children and Young People

Children and young people are the future of our society. We want to encourage those who will shape our future and help ensure that they reflect the whole of our society. We also want to support those whose work ensures that young people feel that society does offer them something. We also recognize the need for all types of activities for young people including Sport, Drama, Music, Food, Travel.

To see how our process works or to submit an application form, you should go to our application page.